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At AlphaCode we take pride in building essential, direct and effective customer relationship. Through the stability and safety of our services, we aim to increase your company’s sales.

Our Services

The option of a domain (URL name) of your choice

Choosing the right domain name is a must for your website as it represents your business. This will make it easier for your customers to find your online store.

Free one-year hosting

We provide you with one of the best servers in the world, with SSD-disk technologies for unimaginable speeds. In addition, we offer 24-hour Back-Up for maximum security.

Unlimited business emails

We create unlimited professional e-mails so that you can have an organized and direct communication with your customers.

Accessibility for any device (Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet)

No one can guarantee that your customers will navigate your e-shop from a desktop. Likewise, we guarantee you that they can navigate with the same ease from every device ( Smartphone, Tablet). ( Smartphone, Tablet).

Application for your e-shop

Trust your website or Eshop to ALPHACODE, so that you can get the corresponding mobile application immediately and quickly. This way, you will have a well-structured picture of your online business.

Easy to manage by the administrator

We train one of you so you can easily and conveniently manage orders, stock, product change and content.

Free-training to learn the functions of your e-shop

Our team provides you with free learning of all the functions of your e-shop and solves methodically any problem and question you have. You can easily manage your orders, your inventory and the change of products.

Disability-Friendly User Experience

We take into cosideration our fellow people with health conditions or impairments. Completing orders online is easy and simple for everyone.

Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

There is no guarantee that your website will be at the top of the search engine. However, we have what it takes to make your website appear high enough and with time climbing to the top.

SSL Safety Certificate

We provide domain Security Certificates, which are essential for the protection of your website against malicious attacks.

Secure transactions

We provide the maximum safeguards so that the e-shop runs smoothly. Using specialized plug-ins in cooperation with the bank you work with, your transactions with customers are safe as the sensitive personal data of their credit cards are protected.

Free 6-month support

After we finish developing your e-shop, we also provide FREE 6-months support for any problem that may arise.

Start developing your own e-shop!