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Mobile App Development

At AlphaCode we offer reliable solutions for all our customers’ needs. Mobile applications are the present and the future, in the way users browse the internet. With an Android or an iOS Application you can improve your relationship with your customers making it more direct and modern.

Android and iOS App Development

Developed from scratch

The development of our apps is done through Flutter and Dart. Knowing how to manage all the possibilities and freedoms that this software application kit gives us, our only limitation is your imagination.

Google Maps

An interactive map in an app can offer unlimited possibilities to the user.
Using GPS, finding points on the map and storing them are some of the many features we can use in your app via Google Maps APIs.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications is a very useful and now necessary tool for modern apps. Using Firebase in our apps, we can now send notifications to any devices that downloaded your app whenever you think it's necessary.


Storing data within an application can make the user experience significantly more enjoyable for the user Knowing this, we offer you the option to create the Database of your app, either locally on your devices or online on our servers.


We offer you the possibility to update the content of your applications via API. This way you can refresh the content of your app whenever you want, without the need of an update from the user.

Link of an existing website with the app

Choose AlphaCode for a well-made mobile-friendly version of your website or e-shop. This way, you will have good data-insights of your online business.

Start developing your mobile application now!